Feb 10- Busy Day/Delayed Flight

Feb 10- Busy Day/Delayed Flight  

Posted on: March 16th, 2012 by Clarke

Clarke and Dr. Scott left last night for Amsterdam, stopping there for a few days before their return flight to Canada.

The rest of the crew has one day left in this beautiful country. After a 6:30am breakfast, the group is picked up by government officials for the two hour drive to Accra. The Department of Health has a busy schedule for us today and we’re first driven to a Maternity Learning Centre and hospital where we adjust staff and patients.

Minutes later, we see a procession of Ghanaian students from two different schools a few buildings away arrive for their adjustments.  This is quickly followed by a short drive to another school, where we adjust all of the students in our whirlwind itinerary.

School children in line for adjustment

How does this "chiropractic" work?

What a morning! After a good lunch we have a few meetings with prominent Ghanaian government officials.  They are all eager to incorporate chiropractic care as a main component of their health care system.  It is so refreshing to see chiropractic being so celebrated! During this time, Dr. Robert has the opportunity to share his passion on national television before having to pack up to make our flight.

Meeting with Government Officials

Dr. Robert speaks on national TV

Now, the fun begins. We arrive to Accra airport several hours before our scheduled flight to North America, only to find out that our flight has been cancelled!  Our plane from Atlanta has been sent to Liberia for a connecting trip and is stranded due to severe wind storms. Thankfully, Delta puts us up in an amazingly modern hotel in Accra (very different from our last two weeks of accommodations) for the night.  We finally board our plane almost 24 hours later on February 11 at 6:30pm.  All of us are ready to take off, but the pilot announces some bad news.  Due to customs not being open in America until 5:30am, we must wait two and a half hours in the plane before taking off as not to arrive early.  The minutes tick on with many passengers’ patience wearing this.  Finally, with a cheer, the plane engines sputter to life and we’re off to Atlanta and to our connecting flights home.



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