What are we up to?

What are we up to?  

Posted on: April 23rd, 2014 by robert

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately! As you may already know, we at Chiropractic for the World Foundation are very rich in vision and passion, eager to expand our reach. Projects are already well established. Planning has begun in Rwanda and Nepal. We have been contacted by people from the following countries who are eagerly waiting for us to expand their access to chiropractic: Indonesia, Barbados, Bangladesh, Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, Micronesia,  Romania, Sri Lanka, Eritrea, Zimbabwe.

We may be rich in vision and passion, but we are not as rich in our bank account! Therefore, we are presently very actively seeking supporters for our foundation, both financially and as active members.

Therefore, in early March, Dr. Robert Champagne spent a whirlwind weekend in Toronto, representing CFTWF at the Pure and Powerful Seminar. It was great to meet so many enthusiastic chiropractors who were very excited about the developments happening with our foundation!

Dr. Robert’s message to the 150 or so attendees was very well received. His message resonated with the chiropractors in attendance.

A little less than two weeks ago, it was EPOC in Vancouver. Dr. Robert shared our vision, passion and purpose and included a short 1 min 7 sec closing video…

If you would like to get involved in EPOC (EPicenter Of Chiropractic) there are several chapters across North America. Here is the link for EPOC Vancouver:

“Life By Design” founder Jamie Richards was the keynote speaker at Epoc, with a very inspiring talk and a very specific call to action for all the chiropractors in attendance. For more information about Life By Design check out their website:

Next it’s on to April 24 to 27 Dynamic Essentials Seminar in Sarasota, Florida, to inspire, invite and engage the chiropractors in attendance to expand their vision and support the global development of chiropractic! The question they will be asked: “Are you looking to expand your practice beyond the four walls of your office? If so, join us!” To find out more about DE:

Dr. Rolly will be at the CFTWF booth in Sarasota…


To see Dr. Rolly in action in Ghana, Africa, CLICK HERE

Dr. Robert will also be there…


 If what we are doing at Chiropractic for the World Foundation resonates with you, please contact us and get involved. This is your opportunity to give to developing nations in a CHIROPRACTIC way that is completely congruent with your values and principles.

Call us at 1-866-949-4488 or email at [email protected]

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