Celebrating Chiropractic’s Birthday – Dr. Lamarche’s Webcast

Celebrating Chiropractic’s Birthday – Dr. Lamarche’s Webcast  

Posted on: September 19th, 2014 by robert

Dr. Gilles Lamarche – The Art of Success

Thanks to all of the offices who are participating in our first ever Light Up the World Week fundraiser, which is happening this week in offices throughout US and Canada! We are getting tremendous feedback from many of the offices. They are having fun with this! Their patients are so happy to be able to contribute to the expansion of the availability of chiropractic worldwide… a cause that is congruent with their values and principles!

Today, we are releasing the first of 10 free webcasts that were specially created for Light Up the World Week. This week, we feature a one hour interview with Dr. Gilles Lamarche, talking to us about The Art of Success. This interview can be streamed on this page:

On this same page, we also have an MP3 download (audio only) available. You can download and listen to Dr. Lamarche “as you go”!

Every week for the next 9 weeks, we will be releasing one new webcast/MP3 audio for your enjoyment and enlightenment! How fortunate are we that these leaders have donated their time for all of you CFTWF fans and listeners!

You’ll be hearing from Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock, Dr. Robert Champagne, Dr. Pat Gentempo, Bill Esteb, Dr. Arno Burnier, Dr. Jamie Richards, Dr. Chris Kent, Dr. Peter Amlinger and Dr. Laurence Tham.

We hope you enjoy, learn and grow from these webcasts! Thanks for your support!

Together, we are lighting up the world!
Dr. Robert



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