See what a senior high school student is doing to help us

See what a senior high school student is doing to help us  

Posted on: January 14th, 2016 by Roland Bohemier

Jan 2016 McKenna page title

My name is McKenna Patterson.  I am a senior at Greenbrier High School in Evans, Georgia.  For my senior year, I am required to complete a project called the Capstone Project.  This project requires me to learn more about a specific career and produce a product that is extended from what I learned.  The product can be a fundraiser, collection drive, or model that extends from the specific career.


For my project, I am job shadowing a local Chiropractor.  My focus for my project is on the importance of spreading awareness to people about the effects that misaligned vertebra (specifically the Atlas) can cause to the body as a whole.  I believe that people around the world, especially in third world countries, should be highly aware of the positive effects of chiropractic adjustment.

After researching potential non-profit organizations that spread awareness of the importance of Chiropractic care, I came across Chiropractic for the World Foundation.  While reading the values of the organization, I immediately connected with the organization. I knew that this organization would be the perfect organization for me to donate money to and collect items for my extension product.  My goal is to raise $100.00-$200.00 to the organization.

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