Dr. John Bickert Leaves for his 6th Trip to India

Dr. John Bickert Leaves for his 6th Trip to India  

Posted on: September 16th, 2018 by John Bickert

Dr. Bickert leaves Sept. 27, 2018 

Sixth trip to India since Nov & early Dec 2017

How can we make a real lasting difference in the world. Not everyone is destined to be a Mother Theresa and overwhelm the world by her courage and example, but each of us can make a lasting difference in this world by reaching out with real purposeful love. I believe the following is from St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo in North Africa in AD 395. He was a prolific thinker and one, after whom an entire philosophical era was named, the Augustinian era. Augustine was asked once by an atheist to show him his God. Augustine responded that God is invisible to which the atheist exclaimed, “Then I don’t believe in God, because I can’t see him.” Augustine said, “My God is love. I’ll show you my love, then you’ll see my God.” Perhaps this is the reason that God initiates in us the will to do good. Not because it feels good, but because it is an inspiration of God to reach out in love to assist others. In a Delhi slum, a young woman whom I had met on a previous visit was suffering from a very bad facial skin condition. She was given treatment recommended by a dermatologist. Because the condition did not immediately improve, she became discouraged and discontinued the treatment. About 6 months later on another trip to the slums, I chanced upon her in a very narrow walkway between buildings in the slum. I was excited to see her and exclaimed, “Niton, how are you?” She responded sadly, “No one cares about me.” I was dumbfounded. All I could do was hug her and say, “Niton, I care!” We never know how someone is truly feeling at any time.

It is up to us to ALWAYS respond in love.

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