Core values

Mission Statement

The foundation will operate as a not-for-profit charitable entity that will bring the gift of chiropractic to the world, teach healthy living principles and reawaken the truth that the power that made the body heals the body.

Core Values

Integrity: In the height of environmental consciousness, chiropractic is proven to be the “green” approach to health. Chiropractic for the World Foundation is led by a group of dedicated and committed chiropractors from across Canada having the desire to take chiropractic to the world. The foundation presents an opportunity for benefactors to give to developing countries in a mindful way.

Passion: Their highest calling as chiropractors is to give, to love and to serve their fellow man by bringing the gift of chiropractic to all regions of the world.

Experience: For more than thirty years, the foundation’s directors have supported chiropractic colleges, charities and developing countries. Past president, Dr. Paul Bickert, has founded two publicly traded corporations, one reaching thirty thousand shareholders and a market capitalization of three-quarters of a billion dollars. He later converted that wealth to philanthropic giving after his retirement.

Knowledge: Every founding director is a graduate chiropractor with years of professional education and clinical experience, with a thirst for ongoing continuing education in cutting edge research. Their projects are carefully selected through research, which provides critical insight to the needs of each region.

Commitment: Driven by their passion to serve mankind through chiropractic, they are committed to leaving a legacy of service, health and hope to each region / nation they touch.

Skills: They are skilled professionals on health and wellness. Due to their commitment and passion for chiropractic, they are capable of inspiring others to join them in their mission.

Vision: We see lives being transformed in our everyday practices. They envision this experience flowing through the walls of their individual practices to the boundaries of the earth, “adding millions of years to lives of millions of people.” (BJ Palmer)

Realism: The starting point for affecting the health of our planet is to affect the health of each individual. The efforts of many, with significant generosity to fund this vision, will achieve this mission. Affecting the health of each individual will ultimately expand the consciousness of our planet. We need your commitment, your time, your money and your resources, which are all essential to continue affecting global change, one person at a time.



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