Reading the testimonials below, you may find it hard to believe that one (or usually two at the most) adjustments can make such a difference in a person’s life.

Yet, when we read about the results that the early chiropractors were having here in North America in the early 1900’s, we see the same kind of dramatic life changes. Why? Because 100 years ago, people in North America were living much simpler lives, experiencing much less stress (physical, chemical and emotional) in their daily lives. It is estimated that living in North America 100 years ago, it took 30 days of living to accumulate the amount of stress we accumulate nowadays in 1 day!

Stress in developing countries is very similar to the stress that we in North America experienced in the early 1900’s. That’s why one adjustment is still SO powerful there! That’s why Chiropractic for the World and organizations such as ours can make such a difference in today’s vast population in developing countries!

Following several adjusting trips to developing countries, I have come to the conclusion that as well as a currency exchange rate, there is an adjustment exchange rate… For example, one Canadian adjustment = approximately 10 adjustments in Ghana.

That’s why you can make such a difference! For every dollar that you or your patients donate, you will be assuring that at least ONE man, woman or child will be receiving a chiropractic adjustment! That’s HUGE!

Thanks for your support!

Dr. Robert Champagne
President CFTWF

From: Augustine Kubdaar
Date: June 3, 2011 4:32 AM
To: Robert Champagne
Subject: You’re most welcome to Ghana

Dear Robert,

Fraternal greetings to you from my heart and the good people of the Upper West Region — Wa. I do hope that by the grace of God life is fine with you. I’m indeed in a haste to let you know that I’m so excited about the good news of your upcoming to Ghana and particularly to Wa. I am the first to testify that I experience tremendous health improvement since you balanced my spine. For many many years I suffered very disturbing pain in my spine until I felt into your miraculous healing hands for treatment. I’ve not thanked God enough for bringing you to Wa the other time. Now I’m able to drive throught long distances yet have good sleep afterwards.

A lot of people asked me before about your return to Ghana. We had thought that it would be possible to have you back here in April this year. This is a clear sign that we’re very much awaiting your coming to Ghana. You’re most welcome! Until we see you here in Wa, we shall never stop praying to God and pleading with Him to bring you back to Ghana safe and sound for our health needs.

Please do extend my fraternal regards to all those you last came to Ghana with. Also be kind enough to assure all those who may be coming to Ghana in Nov. with you my fraternal love, security and above all the best of our hospitality while you’re with us in Wa.

With very special regards to your family and in a hope to hearing from you again I remain…..

Yours fraternally,
Bro. Augustine Kubdaar
Provincial Superior of the Brothers FIC, Ghana.

Email received in March, 2011 from one of the few chiropractors in Ghana, Africa… “Dr Robert, Oh Dr. Robert, that was a good news about the school in Offinso. On behalf of all Ghanaians, I was to thank you and the entire membership of Chiropractic for the World Foundation. I am proud to be associated with people like you. May God richly reward you. Awaiting your safe arrival. I remain with best regards. Dr. A ”

Email received in February, 2011… “The little boy we helped in Wa during the mission trip who had not been walking for so long IS NOW WALKING! I had a call from the father this morning and he wishes to express his profound gratitude to you all. He even said, his son is now able to ride his bicycle to the farm. He also wanted to thank you all for paying his health insurance bill. I am so happy that I don’t even know what to do but just to thank God for this miracle. Thank You! Wa is awaiting your next trip to say thank you. Happy Valantine’s Day to all Chiropractors in this world.” Samuel

Dr. Alain and Dr. Scott have already marked their calendar and our excitedly telling patients of their upcoming trip to Africa in November. Doing things for others and being part of healing is a good kind of infectious. Thank you for creating this opportunity to share joy and prosperity with others. Enclosed please find our recent collecting donations totalling $360. Keep up the good work. Letter received May 15, 2011

“I know your visit was a successful one because of how people express their satisfaction, benefits and eagerness in looking forward to seeing your return. A lady told me yesterday that she was always having pain in her cervical region, which radiated to her upper limbs, but after the adjustment she has not felt the pain again, although now she sometimes feels numbness. She came and did an MRI of the neck but a CT scan of the lumber showed multiple disc prolapses. A lot of people talk about how they were helped and the popular question is ‘When are they coming again?’ So, we know your trip was a good one and that the people liked it and appreciate chiropractic. Juliana is considering doing chiropractic if the opportunity is given her.” Dr. Donatus (M.D. in Wa, Ghana) and Juliana (Nurse in Wa, Ghana)

“Thank you for your mail. It is nice to know that you are all back safely and settling down. It was a pleasure meeting you and we sincerely thank you for your sacrifices for the deprived. I certainly benefitted from you visit and look forward to receiving you again. Extend my warm regards to your colleagues. God bless you and your good works.” Dr. Alexis (Health Director of Wa, Ghana)

“I received lots of good messages and impressions about your visit to the upper west region. The praises people give are more numerous than the chanting of birds. My provincial superior was so impressed together with fellow brothers. The regional director also commented positively on your visit to the region. Bravo and well done. During your visit until now I received messages from friends, fellow brothers and relatives whom you attended to:

  • I spoke to my two younger brothers and they both testified that the treatment was helpful.
  • Brothers who have special problems met the doctors and are experiencing great changes in their spines
  • They asked me to go through the manipulations for about four times to make my system perfect. I can already realize lot of improvement. I hope to see them in April next year.
  • My waist now is flexible, it used to be very stiff with pains, but now I am experiencing lots of difference. I will love to see the doctors again
  • My child told me Mum, I look stronger than before
  • Anytime I am on my motorbike I feel some pains but now the pain is moving away
  • I heard some noise at my back when the doctors attended to me and I look very strong now
  • Brother Bosco, you did very well for bringing these doctors to Wa and Kaleo. Thank you very much for your vision and sensitivity. I hope the program will be expanded.
  • The doctors were very lovely people. They loved their work and did it fast, fast.
  • It will be good to link the doctors to the upcoming orthopedic clinic in Kaleo
  • Let the doctors always come to Kaleo to attend to us. It is very good.
  • The doctors squeezed time in between to attend to almost all the brothers that very evening. I had my chance too and it was very helpful for me. I hope I had the opportunity to repeat the exercise. They did well.
  • I met your team here and I was impressed by them. I think that they are doing very good work in a little known area of health in the region
  • The doctors are doing very well. It is really a free gift and a blessing. Bosco, the brothers are all thanking you for this most useful initiative. This kind of treatment is new in the region. If they continue we will not have spinal injuries and surgeries which is very expensive to have. Bro. Bosco, my father told me that next time I should keep him informed he will travel home from the south to see the doctors because I was happy to hear what people are experiencing from their visit.
  • One man said, my woman used to ask me for a massage, but after she has seen the doctors, she never asked me again and I have waiting to hear from her but nothing. This implies that she has been healed.”

Brother Bosco (Coordinator in Wa region, Ghana)

“We really enjoyed having you here. We do appreciate very well for all the wonderful services rendered to us. All the people in my parish were really happy to have you here. They are all looking forward to your next visit. The pain in my arm has vanished and I am feeling pretty well. May the Good Lord continue to shower his blessing upon you all to enable you continue His healing ministry.” Friar John

“It is my ultimate desire to become a chiropractor in the near future. I first discovered chiropractics in May 2009 in Bremang-Kumasi during a church sermon by Friar Moses. He was announcing the coming of some doctors from Canada to give chiropractic care. I became so curious that I decided to stay behind and actually see what chiropractics was all about even though I had exam on chemistry to write. Fortunately for me, I was asked by Friar Moses to join Dr. Robert in giving care to the people to satisfy my curiosity, since he could not answer all the questions I was asking him after the sermon. I had a wonderful and different experience working with Dr Robert Champagne and also had my first adjustment. ‘Medication without drugs?’ I asked myself. But, he explained what chiropractics was all about. His explanation even made me more curious because I was burnt down on becoming a medical doctor. So, I had a talk with Dr Christina and Dr Jay in Accra last year still on chiropractics. I saw the sense in what chiropractics was all about and I developed great passion for it. I believed chiropractic was the right healing for Ghana because I had seen people taking so many drugs and still stay the same. The passion I had in me grew and now I breathe chiropractics and wish I am a chiropractor so I can educate and adjust my people towards optimum health through chiropractic care. This is my dream and I know it will be a reality one day. Thank you, and may the Lord richly bless you. Samuel Bansah

“I do recognize and appreciate the work you are doing. We Ghanaians, myself included, owe you our gratitude, so it’s my greatest pleasure. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help at anytime.” Naa

“I am very fine by His grace and I am now pain free. In fact, I must recommend that chiropractic adjustment is the best that all human beings need it. I can now feel that there is a free flow of blood to all parts of my body. I can now work without feeling tired. From what I have heard from some of the people here in Ghana, especially those who took part in the chiropractic adjustments, they are worried if you will come because you have really helped them out to gain back their health. I am praying that you come back and help again. Even my brother Seth is now complaining that he won’t take it for granted if you should come back to Ghana for chiropractic adjustments. I think he told you the last time that he was having a headache and body pains but too but he is now well and doing great. He is willing to learn your profession to become a chiropractor too. He is in the second year in the teacher training college. Very soon he is going to finish that. Thank you very much for helping us and I thank God for giving you to us and us to you.” Millicent

“So far I have asked few people about the exercise. They said it was a very good thing and they wish you could come again. Mostly, some made an attempt and they are OK. As for me, I am doing well because I had not experienced such an adjustment before. Thanks for everything. You have given me better life through chiropractic. I wish you could come again to Ghana. It was nice talking to you and I enjoyed your simplicity. May God keep you and your family alive. God guide you and stay blessed. We hope to see you again.” Felicia

“Your services to us has caused improvement in our health. Greetings from Ghana.” Nicholas

“Sister Irmina has no pain in her back and leg anymore. It seems her health “door was comlpetely opened”. Sister Lucaris felt good but the pain came back again. I myself felt very light afterwards. I also sweated profusely for some days. The pain was gone and came slightly back in my neck. But my left leg which felt painful when I walked a few minutes is almost OK. My workers all said they felt good afterwards, but some would need the adjustment again. They wish you could come again. Thanks again for this wonderful help. God protect and bless you and your family.” Sister Miguela

“All is well in Ghana and, believe you me, I have received massive testimonies from some of your attendants and I hope to let you know about some of them in time.” Friar Clement

“First of all, I wish to thank you for coming. Your commitment and love to the cause of the poor and the needy in Ghana, and Africa as a whole, are big challenges. I shall always love to be with you. Your simplicity and potential spirit of adaptability is worthy of admiration. Thank you for bringing chiropractic wholeness to my home. My home parish and my family were so happy to see you and you will forever be in their memory. Isn’t this wonderful? You are a gift to humanity. We’ll begin to prepare for next year. My love to you all!” Friar Moses

“I do not know what to tell you. My heart smiles with the words I AM GLAD KNOWING YOU. The first time you touched me on the chiropractic table in Accra, I had such a big relief from the flow of the energy. I have always liked to use my time to work or do something. But it seems I didn’t have the power. I always have some sort of stress everyday. After the first adjustment, I was really bouncing like a well fed baby. The fact is that I was a new person in mind and body. So, I shared the experience with five of the priests at the Holy Spirit Cathedral. That is why Friar Samuel (the Siera-Leonian) came the following day. What a noble profession. The Lab Technician, George, who went ahead of us to Namong-Offinso for his adjustment came here this morning and told me he wished you are always around. Samuel, Bridget’s friend, (the medical student) is also considering becoming a chiropractor. He told me yesterday that he wants to do his one year National Service at Dr Marcus’ Chiropractic Unit in Accra. For sure I am expecting you and many others here next year. We are all glad because you came. It is my earnest prayer that the Lord will strengthen you in all your plans and undertakings. Dr Robert, may the Lord bless you and your family.” Friar Moses



A Canadian Registered Charity