Who We Are

Dr. John Bickert, President

Dr Bickert is excited about the prospects of further developing Chiropractic for the World Foundation.  He has made seven trips to India since November 2016 and will be back in India in March 2019.  He is convinced that it is “love” which should cause all of us to act, spend our time, talents and God’s gifts to assist those in underdeveloped countries. 

Dr. John is struck by the many stories shared with him of others in the organization who have worked unselfishly to build a school in a remote area of Ghana, travel to Rwanda, and Peru and has been affected by his very own personal experiences in assisting those in need  through chiropractic care.  He states that the unassuming nature of many who come for care and their tremendous graciousness and thankfulness are life changing.  Not everyone is capable of making trips to remote regions of the world to help others, but he believes that it is each of the public who contribute though prayers, donations of time, talent and resources that effectively make a change to people’s lives.  It is they who will be responsible to effectively build a strong organization with a meaningful purpose of reaching out to help others. 

Dr. Bickert has practiced chiropractic for more than 35 years and has 20 years teaching experience at the junior and senior high school levels in Alberta.  He is a member of the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, Canadian Chiropractic Association and holds a permanent professional teaching certificate for Alberta.

Dr. Bickert has been married for 50 years and is the father of 6 children and the grandfather of 12, with a 13th due in March 2019.

You may contact Dr. John Bickert by email:  [email protected]



Dr. Sharon Marshall, – Vice President

Dr. Sharon Marshall graduated as a chiropractor in 1986 from Life Chiropractic College – West, in California, southeast of San Francisco.

She travelled a lot as a child, following work with her father who was a crane operator on international pipeline contracts.  As a consequence of the travels as a youth, she has seen firsthand what third world poverty really looks like and how devastating it is to those who cope with it.

Chiropractic for the World Foundation gives us an opportunity to reach into some of these communities with restorative Chiropractic care and practical financial incentives to help those in need.  Chiropractic for the World Foundation works with local groups already in place to be more effective with outreach, since it is not necessary to spend time laying ground work.  For example, local religious groups have many sites in place already helping those in need in underdeveloped regions of the world.  By teaming with these groups we can be much more effective with our help and resources. 

Reaching out to others by physically caring through Chiropractic adjustments, and being fiscally responsible with our financial help we’ll be able to target needs above and beyond those already being taken care of.

I am excited about the ability of Chiropractic for the World Foundation to reach out to under-served communities in any country with Chiropractic care and educational and apprenticeship opportunities through scholarships.


Rev. Stefan Ganowicz – Board Member

Fr. Stefan is an avid chiropractic supporter.  He has sought chiropractic care for some time and has experienced its amazing results.  Fr. Stefan has donated a considerable amount of money to the India Project of Chiropractic for the World Foundation and is extremely interested in the work that is being done by the organization.

Fr. Ganowicz was ordained in Poland in 1971 and came to Canada as a priest in 1972.  His first assignment was at St. Patrick’s church in Medicine Hat.  He was a Chaplin to the Calgary Highlanders for 15 years.   He as worked as a hospital Chaplin in Calgary for 18 years.

We are extremely happy to have Fr. Stefan on board Chiropractic for the World Foundation.


Krystal Raber – Board Secretary

Krystal has worked in with chiropractors for years and is deeply committed to her work in the healthcare industry. Krystal cares a great deal about the disadvantaged and has a heart of gold when it comes to helping others.

Krystal is enthusiastic about working with Chiropractic for the World Foundation and wants to become a very active part of bringing the foundation to a level that can assist people who are poor and disadvantaged many third world countries.

We are happy that Krystal is one of our board members.


Dr. Roland Bohémier, Past President

Dr. Roland was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1976 and has been in continuous practice ever since. He has owned and operated nine different practices, mostly in the rural areas. To encourage chiropractic in the rural areas, he turned six of the practices over to family and friends who had graduated from chiropractic college.

Dr. Rolly, or “Rockin’ Rolly” as he is better known as, resides and practices in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is married to Luciana and they have 6 children and 7 grandchildren… so far!



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