Melissa meets with Ministry of Health in Rwanda

Melissa meets with Ministry of Health in Rwanda  

Posted on: February 1st, 2013 by robert

Melissa tells us about her awesome meeting at the Ministry of Health in Rwanda just recently…

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After several rescheduled dates, Dr. Julie and I were finally able to meet with Mr. Jean Patrick from the Ministry of Health in Rwanda. This was the meeting I had been waiting for, because I wanted to personally explain what Chiropractic for the World Foundation was all about – our mission, our approach, and our goals, both in Rwanda and elsewhere in the world.  I went into the meeting a little hesitant.  After all, my last meeting with a government official was in Ghana, and, well, to say that it went well would be a huge understatement!

For those of you who don’t know about our meeting with the Ministry of Health in Ghana, before Dr. Robert was even finished explaining what we were all about, the Deputy Minister interrupted, proclaiming that he needn’t any more explanation, that he believed in our work, and we basically received the green light to do whatever it is we need to do to help the people of Ghana!  So I was somewhat nervous at the beginning of our meeting with Mr. Jean Patrick: what if this meeting didn’t go as well?  What if he didn’t understand the importance of our work?  What if it would become a bureaucratic nightmare to obtain permission for our Foundation to visit?  What would I do then?

The meeting started off with Dr. Julie explaining chiropractic, because we realized that this man, like so many other Rwandans, has never even heard of the word chiropractic, let alone what it is.  Within the first two minutes, I noticed the unmistakable recognition and keen interest in Mr. Jean Patrick’s face.  Like so many people in developing countries, the concept of chiropractic is so easy to comprehend, for they understand and believe in all things natural.  By the end of Dr. Julie’s explanation, Mr. Jean Patrick was so excited and wanted to start chiropractic care himself!

I then had the opportunity to tell Mr. Jean Patrick about Chiropractic for the World Foundation.  He was very impressed with what we have done, and he’s very eager for our team to come to Rwanda in the future.  I was most proud when I was showing him our videos; Mr. Jean Patrick was very inspired, seeing the footage of all the great people we have cared for throughout the world.  We talked about the logistics of our team’s visit, and I am very confident that it will be a great experience for everyone.

Mr. Jean Patrick is also overseeing the newly developed Complementary and Alternative Health Committee within the Ministry of Health.  This committee will better regulate all of the alternative types of care to create better standards of patient care in areas such as acupuncture, Chinese medicine, reflexology, traditional medicine, massage, and chiropractic.  Dr. Julie will be the chiropractic representative for this committee, and it appears that this will be a good first step towards creating a Chiropractic Board here in Rwanda.

From this conversation, the three of us started to discuss what the future of chiropractic will look like in Rwanda.  We talked about our goals of setting up permanent clinics all over the country so that people everywhere will have access to regular chiropractic care.  We also discussed about how amazing it would be when people from all over East Africa eventually study to become chiropractors themselves.  For me, this is the most exciting vision for chiropractic abroad, for it creates the most sustainable difference in people’s lives, both for patients and inspiring chiropractors everywhere!  After all, this is our goal: to give the gift of chiropractic to everyone on the planet!

I could not have been more inspired by this visit with Mr. Jean Patrick.  He has given us the tools to create lasting change in a country so eager to receive these gifts.  I cannot wait for our team to visit and experience the warmth, generosity, beauty, and love that is Rwanda!  Furthermore, all of our visits leave a lasting change for everyone involved.  Ask any chiropractor who has come on a trip what it has done for their focus, their passion, their confidence, their practice, their patients, and their community.  Ask any member of our support team what it has done for their purpose, their excitement, and their overall involvement.  And you needn’t ask the people who have been introduced to chiropractic for the first time how it has changed their lives; with just one adjustment, people have regained movement and mobility that hadn’t been present in years, people feel happier and more energetic than they ever have, and people finally have a way to maximize the amazing healing potential of their own body! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this!  Thank you everyone for your love and support in our mission!  Together, we will witness undeniable life-changing revolution that is happening with chiropractic everywhere!

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