WOW! Things are moving at CFTWF!

WOW! Things are moving at CFTWF!  

Posted on: May 23rd, 2014 by robert

When we were at Dynamic Essentials Seminar in Sarasota, Florida a little less than a month ago, from our booth, we asked seminar attendees to answer this question, with a chance to be drawn for a free registration to one of the upcoming DE seminars! Thank-you, DE!


The question: In 15 words or less, how would you answer this question… “Why is it important for us to bring chiropractic to the rest of the world?”

The entry that was drawn was from 12-year-old Kylie Judson. Here is her answer, plain and simple: “To make people HEALTHY”

Kylie and her family have decided to donate the DE registration that she won to a Connecticut chiropractor of their choice who they feel can benefit from attending. Thanks for doing that, Judson family! Someone will really appreciate that!

Here are some of the other answers we received:

“Because everyone deserves the same opportunity to live clear… and chiropractic will live on” (Dr. Gregg Rubinstein)

“Humanity can only manifest its potential if wholly connected to the source of ALL life” (Dr. Andrew Biggs)
Dr. Robert says: You just made the 15 word limit, Dr. Andrew!

“To spread the mission of giving, loving & serving… and clearing all subluxations that inhibit life’s potential” (Dr. Debra Flynn)
Dr. Robert’s comment: You’re over! 16 words, but I love your answer too!

“Everyone should be connected to their source – only chiropractors can do it!” (Gia Cioffi, chiropractic assistant)

“Because chiropractic brings life to life” (Dr. Steve Judson)

“Chiropractic today for a better world tomorrow” (Dr. Alan Davis)

Personally, I feel so blessed to have chiropractic care so available for my family, my friends, myself, and most everyone in our country! I would love everyone in the world to have that opportunity! That’s why Chiropractic for the World Foundation was started… to make that possible!

Coming very soon to your office! An opportunity for you to help us make that happen… Light up the World with Chiropractic for the World Foundation Week, from July 21 to 25, 2014, a monumental fundraising event that will help us expand the availability of chiropractic globally! Here’s our chance to show the world that chiropractors have a compassionate heart!

Watch for further details… coming soon in an inbox near you! If you can’t wait for the email, call us 1-866-949-4488 or email us at [email protected]

It looks like my talk at Epoc Vancouver on Friday, June 13, 2014 is going global! I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for the invite, Epoc!

You’ll soon be able to hear my interview on the My Practice Rules podcast, listened to by many chiropractors worldwide.
Watch for details in upcoming emails or on our website.

Meanwhile, back in Fernie, we are LOVING LIFE!

Fernie from RidgemontPhoto taken from an awesome mountain bike trail above our little town of 5000 people

Keep smiling and serving!

Dr. Robert Champagne

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