Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Dr. John Bickert, with the support of Chiropractic for the World Foundation, will be making a trip to India at the end of July and into August 2018.

The rural areas of India have very little access to quality health care. The Indian government publishes a statistic stating that 78 percent of the Indian population in rural areas have no access the required quality care. Chiropractic works extremely well in these areas, since with chiropractic, a huge healthcare infrastructure is not necessary to support the form of care chiropractic delivers.

We are attempting to bring quality health care through chiropractic to these rural people in by building a mobile chiropractic and therapy rehab unit to serve their needs. In the rural areas the care will be delivered principally to the poor.

Our goal is to have the unit custom built and ready to use by the early spring of 2019. Please help us with your donations to Chiropractic for the World: India Project.

We’ll keep you posted and Thank you.



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