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Monday 2012

Rwanda 2012

CFTWF’s Trip Coordinator, Melissa Schlichting, spent three months in Rwanda to represent the Foundation and expand the reach of chiropractic care in the country.  Melissa was working alongside Dr. Julie Paul, a chiropractor from the United States who has now moved to Rwanda to start her own clinic.

Melissa explored many different sites for Chiropractic for the World Foundation to visit on our future visit.  Included in some of her travels, Melissa visited a school for deaf children, a centre for disabled children, a midwifery centre, several orphanages, and Dr. Julie’s clinic.  As well, Melissa was able to meet with the Ministry of Health to lay the groundwork for the foundation’s future visits, discussing both our immediate and long-term goals both in Rwanda and throughout the developing world.

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Sunday 2012

Ghana, January, 2012

Four doctors and five support staff fly to Ghana and drive over 2000 kms. to remote areas of Ghana, bringing the gift of chiropractic and inspiring many of them to become chiropractors! In Ghana, we made a big difference in Accra, Kumasi, Offinso, Sunyani, Mole, Wa, Obuasi and Winneba.

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Tuesday 2010

Ghana, November, 2010

Dr. Robert returns to Ghana with Dr. Janelle Bohemier from Vancouver, BC and Dr. Roland Bohemier from Winnipeg, MB. This enthusiastic and passionate team of three chiropractors are honored to bring the gift of chiropractic not only to Kumasi and Offinso, but now also to Sunyani and the Wa region, travelling many kilometres to get to these remote areas of Ghana. They are fascinated by the warm welcome and appreciation of all the Ghanaians they encounter. Chiropractic is so well received everywhere they go! Samuel (see Ghana 2009) accompanies them on most of their travels, helping with translation and general assistance. They also are assisted while in the Wa region by Dr. Donatus (medical doctor) and Juliana (nurse) who are both so fascinated by the amazing results of chiropractic that they express a very keen interest in the chiropractic profession. During this trip, the team develops many new important contacts that eventually become key in the success of future trips!

Wednesday 2009

Ghana, April, 2009

Dr. Robert goes to Ghana to check on the school construction’s progress (school is approximately 75% complete by this time). Dr. Robert introduces chiropractic to thousands of people in Akwatia, Kumasi and Offinso and in the process develops some great contacts. During one of his first days in Ghana, he meets Samuel, who immediately develops a keen interest in chiropractic and wants to become a chiropractor himself! Samuel assists Dr. Robert during the remainder of the trip and becomes more and more captivated by the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic. Dr. Robert realizes more than ever the urgent need to bring chiropractors back to Ghana with him!

Sunday 2006

Ghana, 2006

Ghana 2006 was the result of an invitation to Dr. Paul Bickert from the Dominicans in Kumasi, Ghana. They asked that he come and visit the jungle area of Offinso where they intended to build a school if they could raise the funds.

It was an open ended request. Arrangements were made for Dr. Paul to meet the Papal Nuncio and other church leaders in order to display the country’s dire health and education requirements. Dr. Paul was forever changed by the gratitude and friendship of the Ghanaian people. Ghana needed more than a school, it needed chiropractic!

On his return to Canada, Dr. Paul engaged the assistance of Dr. Robert Champagne and others to organize a fundraiser for the initial school project. From this initial groupcame the formation of the Chiropractic for the World Foundation in autumn, 2006.

Thursday 1970

India – November 2016

Dr. John Bickert made his first trip to India in November 2016 and returned to Canada December 8, 2016. He treated hundreds of patients in Delhi slums, at the Jivodaya Hospital, in a children’s village at San Joe Puram. He travelled to Northern India and to Rajasthan, Punjab.

He was exceptionally grateful to all those who sponsored his trip through Chiropractic for the World Foundation.



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