Upcoming trips

Upcoming trips

Dr. Louis Demello & Dr. Roland Bohemier travel to Arequipa, Peru in November 2015.

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To help our board member Dr. Louis Demello, who is committing the next 2 years to work in Arequipa. He wants to set up a clinic for the poor and less fortunate who cannot afford health care. I am going to join him November 3 rd to 17th to get things organized for the start of regular trips to the region all hopefully starting April and May 2016. As well as trips in October and November 2016.

We have listened to the response of our Doctors! They wanted trips that were not as far, not as long as the trips we had been running to Ghana Africa and not crossing so many time zones. These trips will be for 1 week to 10 days only therefore making it easier for Doctors to leave their practices and only 1 or 2 time zones for most North Americans.

I will be there with Dr. Louis to get the logistics set in place for the arrival of our first group of Doctors. Accommodations, transportation, lodging, meals as well as where we will be adjusting and how and what is needed for the doctors to clear customs in order to bring their portable adjusting tables. This and side trips to exciting historic locations in Peru for us to see, as Brother John Bosco from Wa in Ghana Africa puts it ” All work and no play makes John a dull boy”.

So there will be opportunities for the doctors to extend their stay to take in some of the sites and some fun time will already be part of the week to 10 day original trip. The cost of these trips will be determined after Dr. Louis and myself have done the calculations . We will report back in December and all will be posted on our website. Stay tuned!!!!!

For those who might be interested in one or more of these up coming trips please contact Dr. Roland (Rolly) at: [email protected]


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Coming soon:

AREQUIPA, PERU – Trips beginning April/May 2016 & October/November 2016

GHANA – October 24 to November 7, 2014
(this trip has been postponed due to ebola virus travel advisories.)







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