Chiro Talk

Chiropractic Explained

When Dr. Robert Champagne traveled to Ghana again in November, 2010, not only did he go there to assess the progress of the school being funded by the foundation and to adjust everyone he could, but also to explain chiropractic to those he met. Here is how Dr. Robert explained chiropractic to the Ghanaians; pure and simple.

You were born to be healthy! Your body is a self-healing organism. Your brain controls and directs all parts of your body. Your brain is connected to your body through your nervous system, which is made up of your spinal cord and nerves. Your brain makes sure that your lungs breathe, your heart beats, your muscles flex, your immune system functions, etc. Life energy flows from your brain to all parts of your body.

Health is the ability to successfully adapt to stresses in your everyday life. Stresses can be physical, chemical or mental / emotional. Health is the natural result of the adequate expression of your life energy in your body. The amount of food and water necessary to simply stay alive is different than what is needed to be healthy. Likewise, the amount of life energy to simply stay alive is different than what is needed to be truly healthy.

Disorganization of your life energy = dis-ease. Organization of your life energy = harmony = health.

Three things are needed to maximize the expression of life energy in your body to help you keep growing stronger and healthier;

  1. Positive focus in life
  2. Healthy lifestyle (proper diet, exercise and rest)
  3. Clear connection between body and brain

Your body is constantly changing every moment you are alive! There are only two ways that your body can change in any moment: you can either get a little STRONGER, or get a little WEAKER. For example, if you exercise, you get stronger… if you don’t exercise, you get weaker. If you eat good healthy food, you grow stronger… If you eat junk food, you get weaker. If you have happy, healthy thoughts, you get stronger… If you only have negative, angry thoughts, you get weaker. Remember that your brain controls and directs all parts of your body. Nothing in the body works unless it is connected to your brain. Therefore, if your spine is misaligned and putting pressure on the nerves, this reduces the life energy flow to your body, making you grow weaker… spinal adjustments increase the life energy and you get stronger. Overall, our goal is to have you become a little stronger at the end of every day.

As you express higher and higher levels of life energy in your body, you move toward health, wellness, and wholeness! To have a clear connection between your brain and body, you need a well-aligned and functioning spine. Misalignment of the spine (unbalanced spine) causes a loss of connection and a decrease in the expression of life energy. Specific chiropractic adjustments restore the connection between brain and body. This restores the flow of life energy. Every chiropractic adjustment is a part of the healing process. Every adjustment builds on the next one. Healing is any movement towards increasing your body’s expression of life energy. Therefore even only one adjustment will make a difference.




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