Dr. Robert Champagne on On Purpose Series (Dr. Pat Gentempo & Dr. Chris Kent)

Listen to Dr. Robert’s 45 minute On Purpose Philosophy interview that was released in July /2014


Dr. Robert Champagne on My Practice Rules Podcast

Listen to Dr. Robert’s 35 minute MPR Podcast interview that was recorded on June 15/2014
Look for episode 19 at My Practice Rules


Radio Interview in Ghana – Dr. Robert Champagne (2 minutes)


Editorial in Canadian Chiropractor Magazine May 2014

Canadian Chiropractor May 2014
Canadian Chiropractor May 2014

Article that appeared in Canadian Chiropractor in 2012

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Cdn Chiropractor Page 1   Cdn Chiropractor Page 2Cdn Chiropractor Page 3

TV Interview in 2012 with Denise  (Board Member)

Article about donated soccer equipment for the Ghana 2012 trip

Cdn Chiropractor Page 1



A Canadian Registered Charity