Getting Started

Getting Started

Many chiropractors have a deep desire to serve those in need, but are intimidated by the logistical process to establish a local outreach program or simply don’t have the time to start from scratch. You are welcome to view our resources to access a step by step process on how to get started; forms, waivers and everything else you need to make this an easy and successful endeavor. If you have any further questions, you can contact Dr. Robert Champagne
at [email protected]

Getting Started Procedures: (PDF)  A step by step outline on how to make getting started in your community easy and successful; a checklist and a self reflection questionnaire to help clarify why you want to initiate your own project. To download the one page checklist of procedures, click here.

Waiver of Liability: (DOC) link to Sample Waiver of Liability file. Many partner organizations will not ask for a waiver of liability. If they do, here is one that was created by a lawyer for Canadian laws.

Contract For Volunteer Services: (DOC)  Many partner organizations will not ask for a contract of volunteer services. If they do, here is one which was created for Canadian law.

Initial Assessment Forms: (DOC)  It is essential that the rules and regulations of your local chiropractic board are obeyed. Please inquire with your state or provincial board as to what these are. Here is a sample initial assessment form.

Travel Card: (DOC)  Record keeping is required according to your state or provincial board’s regulations. Here is a sample of a regular visit travel card.

Sandwich Board Graphic: (DOC & JPG preview)  Word of mouth and visible signs will be essential in creating your successful outreach. Here is a sample of a sandwich board sign to be placed at your partner organizations entrance.

Giving Back: (DOC) In honoring the law of exchange, it is wise to create opportunities for the people you serve to give back. This can include hugs, donating volunteer time or assigning their portion of chiropractic benefits as a donation. Here is a release to grant permission for this. This money can be donated to CFTWF or be used in local initiatives.



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