Spreading The Word

Spreading The Word

Many major publications and newspapers have written about the CFTW outreach programs.  Articles such as these are a wonderful way to share the chiropractic message and foster greater awareness for Chiropractic for the World Foundation.  Once your local outreach is established we encourage you to contact your local newspaper, radio, television stations and other relevant magazines to spread the word.  Below is a collection of previously written articles.  Over time you may want to explore social media options as well.  If you have additional articles that we could feature or have a lead for an article please contact Dr. Robert Champagne at [email protected]

How To Write A Media Release: (PDF)   Information on structuring and formatting a media release.

Sample Media Release: (DOC)

Long before he was coordinator of Chiropractic for the World North America, Dr. Norm Detillieux has been providing chiropractic care at the Salvation army. Below are two articles that have been written in 2011 about his generous efforts and outreach.

Article #1 (PDF)

Article #2 (PDF)

Article #3 (PDF)



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